Who are we and what do we do?

Multi Host is a UK based hosting company which provides professional hosting services to personal, business and enterprise level customers. Our services comprises of Game servers, Teamspeak 3 servers, Domains, Cloud hosting, managed or unmanaged servers, hosted emails as well as many more.


We started out in 2015 working together with our customers and utilising your feedback, we are able to sharpen and refine our tools. So, as your community/business grows, or your needs change, we are constantly trying to develop to better suit your requirements. For us, continually improving and striving for the best for our customers is a way of life. Together, we’re always evolving.

Why choose us as your hosting provider?

We believe we have one of the best services worldwide. We cover all games, but specialise in Atlas, Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, Arma3 Mods, Unturned, DayZ and Miscreated. We still give all games our 100% attention and update all games templates regularly. We are also open to any suggestions or changes our customers ask for.

Better Experience!

Unlike some GSP’s out there, we maintain friendly relationships with our clients. Meaning whilst we are going above and beyond to provide our clients the best service possible, our hosts and partners are going above and beyond for us. All this results in a better experience for you and helps us refine our services..

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